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So, one thing I actually don't love doing is talking about myself, ...but here it goes:

When I was 4 years old I picked up a violin for the first time (thanks Mom!), and the rest is history. Now, as an adult, I have worked in almost every area of the arts.  Thanks, in large part, to my training at the University of Michigan, I have made a career as an Actor, Singer, Director, Producer, Writer, and Composer. (Including numerous regional theatre gigs, concerts, event productions, and the national tour of Disney's The Lion King.)

In 2008 I started GhostLight Creative Productions Incorporated,

a full-service production company dedicated to centering underrepresented artists and stories with original film, theatre, media, and performance art.

In recent years I have begun to shift to "the other side of the table".  Producing and directing several corporate events, documentary film, theatrical productions, and authoring original commissions.  In addition, I have found myself drawn, more and more each day to the social justice efforts.  Workign with Black Lives Matter Detroit, and the Detroit Safety Team. 

And, in 2020 I launched The Obsidian Theatre Festival as a platform for emerging Black voices in theatre and film.

Art is hard.  Making a living as an artist is even harder. And, for my entire life, I have worked to make sure that my art is as socially and politically relevant as possible.  We have an obligation to use our arts, our words, music, talents, and voices to speak and inspire the truth of life.  That's what a true artist does. We create, and allow the work to speak.

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